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The head of the Ministry of National Defense “I will not try any destructive movements.” – Macierewicz is a great patriot and certainly will not want to harm Poland. I know it will work for the good of Polish, as working for decades – podkreślił.zobacz also Sasin: Merit Macierewicz not to erase the pages of Polish history »On Tuesday, President Andrzej Duda at the request of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki made changes in the composition of the government – m .in. former Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Joachim Brudzinski became head of the Ministry of Interior in place of Mariusz Blaszczak, which in turn was replaced by Antoni Macierewicz as head MON.W Thursday Antoni Macierewicz was appointed to head the subcommittee Smolensk. The daughter of General Wojciech Jaruzelska, which lists the SLD got into the Council of Warsaw, was not on the lists of the Electoral Committee of the Democratic Left Alliance, which brings together the three candidates left-wing parties and was finally registered as a candidate of the committee Polish Left in the elections to the Senate of Warsaw. About grounds niewpisania her list was questioned on Friday in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. “We say that this is a personal decision of Vladimir Czarzastego, because it is closer to his heart (SLD spokeswoman,” two “on the Warsaw list of the Left – PAP) Anna Maria Żukowska” – she said. “The men in midlife crisis do different things. As you can see, each has its Izabel Kazimierz” – she added. On Tuesday, Jaruzelska questioned on the radio TOK FM, or treat this matter as a political, or rather as a story of manners, assessed that “meshes with one another”, but – as pointed out – “for me above all is the policy.” As acknowledged, “this made the story a humorous, not to say grotesque, when even mentions my dog, who allegedly peed someone’s shoes (which she wrote Żukowska on Facebook – PAP).” At the moment when we pay taxes, when the our money is financed subsidies for political parties, we should be convinced that in these parts there is no nepotism, and when they are placed letters, and earmarked funds for the election campaign, a campaign that looks like this that really good candidates, the best of the best are elected them and you will be able to vote. In contrast, at this point, take the things that are associated with nepotism “- assessed. According to her it is” Thread political and associated with a certain transparency, that the party should specifically put on women, because it SLD, a left-wing party (…) and competences mainly should you decide on who starts (in the election). “it assessed also that not only the candidates on the lists of the Democratic Left Alliance Warsaw” women are cut in the trunk, such as Katarzyna Piekarska, such as Danuta Waniek, but also in Rzeszow Marta Niewczas – six-time world champion in karate. “According Jaruzelski someone should look into the financing of campaigns of candidates of the left, that is – as he said -” that people get more for your campaign, and that the money does not get. “When asked, is not afraid of objections from the SLD activists in Warsaw that “breaks the unity of the left”, Jaruzelska said that “on the contrary”. “Even yesterday I saw SLD with people who are very supportive of me “- she said. Monika Jaruzelska in last year’s local elections as the only candidate won the Democratic Left Alliance-Left committee mandate Total Capital City councilor Warsaw won 8494 votes. The Warsaw City Council is a non-organized councilor. He serves on the committee. Naming the city, which is Vice-President and the committee of social policy and family. Polish Left is a grouping which in 2007. Founded b. Prime Minister Leszek Miller, after leaving the SLD and the decision to take part in the parliamentary elections with lists of Self-Defense. Currently, the group is headed by Jacek Zdrojewski, who recently headed to court lawsuits, seeking to block registration of the change shortcut “SLD” to “Left”. Photos of the neo-Nazi march in Plauen Third Way are disturbing and frightening – said on Thursday the chairman photo – federation of Jewish organizations operating in Germany – Josef Schuster. “Right-wing extremists march in Saxony in such a way that evokes memories of the darkest chapters of German history” – he added. According to the Saxon police in a march attended by several hundred people. The participants were mostly wearing beige t-shirt with the inscription “National Revolutionary Socialist” party under the symbol “Third Way.” By the sounds of drums modeled on those used by Hitler, waving green flags and flares allegedly shouted: “Foreign criminals – won!” Or “National Socialism Now!” “If the state government of Saxony seriously wants to fight right-wing extremism, www.homeworkmarket.me/ it should not allow such demonstrations” – says Schuster. He granted permission for the manifestation of the German equivalent of the Polish district office. Particular outrage head of the Central Council of Jews raised the fact that the march took place on the eve of Israel celebrated the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust. The deputy head of the SPD faction in the national parliament of Saxony Henning Homann said that “marches in the style of SA (Sturmabteilungen – militias NSDAP) can not be and will not be tolerated.” The law on assembly in the federal state prohibits the use of the assembly “uniforms, uniforms or parts of the same items of clothing as a way to express political views,” as long as it can induce a sense of danger. It is on this provision refers Saxon police, justifying the lack of a decision on the dissolution of the march. As we read on her Twitter account, beige t-shirts can not be considered uniform. Despite this opposition politicians Greens and Left Party demanding a clarification whole thing. September 1 in Saxony will be elections to the national parliament. In recent polls, the national-conservative Alternative for Germany (AFD) goes head to head with the Land of the ruling CDU German reunification. From Berlin Arthur Ciechanowicz (PAP) In connection with the meeting scheduled for Thursday the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker and British Prime Minister Theresa May, the Ombudsman asked whether the United Kingdom has presented some new, alternative proposals for addressing backstopu, and if not, whether the Commission expects that it intends such present. “We will see how to develop a meeting on Thursday. (…) For us, as you know, the backstop, which is part of an agreement with the UK exit from the EU, is its focal point and it is fundamentally important” – pointed. Controversial emergency mechanism (called. Backstop) for Northern Ireland assumed that in the absence of an agreement with the EU on brexitu between Brussels and London United Kingdom would be forced to remain in the customs union and the common elements of the EU market. Also makes could lead to the creation of the so-called. regulatory boundaries between Britain and its entering in the Northern Ireland. The document, which was adopted on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, assesses the fundamental law of this country as an act characterized by a “legitimacy deficit.” Most of the Basque deputies voted for the resolution, which stated that the Spanish Constitution of 1978. “Is anti-democratic legal basis, which from a historical point of view is false.” The resolution, for which MPs voted for the separatist parties – the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and EH Bildu – as well as part of the parliamentary group of leftist Podemos Elkarrekin, the current Constitution defines Spain as a document “imposed from the top part of the citizens of the country.” “One generation can not be subordinated one to the next generations of its laws, so it is necessary to constitutional reform” – predicts the Basque parliament approved the document. The resolution also provides for the need for organization in the Basque Country independence referendum. The request is put forward, citing the need to “upgrade the historical rights” and respect for “the right to self-determination of the majority.” Adopted by the Basque Parliament the document will be forwarded to the authorities in Madrid as the official position of the residents of the region about the current Spanish Constitution. It also contains information that the Regional Chamber does not send the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish constitution of its representative. They will be held on December 6 in Madrid. May 23 this year. having a majority in parliament Basque PNV and EH Bildu adopted the preamble to the draft of the new Statute of Autonomy of the region. The document also envisages the possibility of a referendum for independence in the Basque Country. With its distinct language and culture of the Basques found themselves under the rule of Spain in the sixteenth century. At the end of the nineteenth century., When the central government in Madrid picked up their autonomy, among them increased independence tendencies. The most radical form of struggle for independence of the Basque became established in 1959. Terrorist organization ETA. Its members have committed numerous attacks, mainly on police and government officials; according to the Spanish authorities, they were killed in more than 850 people. 4 May in the French town of Cambo-les-Bains authorities of a terrorist group announced its self-dissolution. Martin Clogs (PAP) The verification commission on Thursday repealed entirely decisions mayor of Warsaw from 2012. On the plot and refused to grant the rights to the three people, who so requested and received them in 2012. The Commission has given its decision clause of immediate enforceability. She decided that, in adopting the decision, the president of the capital grossly violated procedural law, as incorrectly defined the circle of persons entitled to claim. “It’s a fantastic decision that this land back to our common property, the State Treasury,” – said the head of the committee. “Only today the decision of the Vetting makes the whole property back to the city council,” – stressed in an interview with reporters What. He added that so far “the restitution decision, granting the land claims of traffickers, was still in legal” .See also: What: 30 people in City Hall knew that Holger Martin was a citizen of Denmark, »Head of the Verification Commission, said that the commission” repairs errors committed by state institutions. ” As he said, “decisions privatization Warsaw have two or three cards justification, we have presented today a hundred pages of justification, no other authority that issued decisions on this issue, not the amount of evidence gathered, as the Verification Commission”. What also announced that the committee decided to initiate examination proceedings, among others, ws. the property at Marszałkowska and Poznan, “where they are at the moment people” .See also Rabiej: Verification Commission will consider proposals for Chmielna 70 »” It made a successful entry security in the land registers, it will be just the first case in September, to which the committee will proceed, “- said the head of the committee. What also he said that the next call will be for the President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. “As you can see, without the participation of the President’s difficult to explain this affair restitution, although it is not impossible and the committee, or from participation or without the participation of the President’s, will seek to ensure that reveal consistently all the mechanisms which govern it theft restitution “- he stressed the head of the committee. Dworczyk said Tuesday on TVN24 that the PiS government has allocated 2,017 years since the increases for teachers about 7 billion. “In 2017 years it was about 450 million, 2,018 years it was around 2 billion, 2,019 years is 2 billion in the first half and from September 1, about 1.9 billion – a total that is about 7 billion” – he stressed. According Dworczyk “rightly teachers demanding higher wages.” “And I would like for us to meet their expectations, but from a thousand at the moment the government is able to allocate the increase of about 500 zlotys. On average, teachers will receive about 500 zlotys increase,” – stressed the head of KPRM.zobacz also appeals to teachers Broniarz to participate in the strike. “We have a common objective: to improve the financial situation of teachers'” The note that teachers want $ 1,000 raise, Dworczyk said: “I know, and that today the Polish state budget can not afford. On the other hand we want to raise salaries for teachers, because it is very important occupational group”. Head of Chancellery announced that next Monday will be held March 25 meeting of the presidium of the Council for Social Dialogue. “It will be on him several representatives of the government, they will probably also invited union representatives (teacher-PAP), because the meeting is devoted to the topics of education. And at this meeting – and I urge – will be able to continue the dialogue,” – he stressed Dworczyk. How rated, president of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz “trying to take children as hostages.” “I was trying to frighten not only the government but also the parents and do not know who else, the fact that children, or will not have exams, or did not receive a promotion to the higher class” – said Dworczyk. He added that the government will provide every child the opportunity to join the exams because – as he said – “the welfare of children is the most important.” From March 5 takes a strike referendum organized by the Association of Polish Teachers in the framework of the collective dispute. It will last until March 25. It takes place in all schools and institutions, which in the context of a collective dispute mediation stage ended without reaching an agreement to demand salaries increase by 1 thousand. zł. If this will be expressed will of the majority in a referendum, the strike is to start 8 kwietnia.zobacz also President of the PNA: The strike certainly will be kept even during exams “This means that his term could coincide with the planned external examinations for April 10 , 11 and 12 April will be held the exam high school, and 15, 16 and 17 April – ósmoklasistów exam. Final exams are scheduled to begin on May 6. On Tuesday, the president of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz said that if nothing happens, it hopes to join the strike 85 to 90 percent. schools. He added that the strike may attend around 80-90 percent. teachers. As will grow rapidly pay / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, ” VT-SDK “)); / ** / – It’s an ambitious goal, but realistic – as one of the leading EU officials dealing with budget refers to the idea, to 25 percent.

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